17 tháng 2, 2022

The Ecoolska brand to launch an eco-friendly clothing collection for Cyber Legacy

As part of the collaboration between the Cyber Legacy esports organization and the eco-friendly clothing brand Ecoolska, a collection of clothes will be released for CL players.

One of the elements of the future collection can already be seen: the fashionable oversized designer t-shirts made out of recycled cotton by the Finnish company Pure Waste. The material is produced from fabric remnants and scraps that are leftover during cutting at garment factories, giving the pieces of fabric a second life by turning them into new textiles.

The Ecoolska brand to launch an eco-friendly clothing collection for Cyber Legacy

This fabric is 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester. The textiles are not dyed with dyes or chemicals: the fabric gets its color from the recycled waste.

To reduce the pressures on natural resources, the Ecoolska brand produces clothing exclusively from sustainable, recycled and innovative materials. All the fabrics are subject to mandatory certification.

“We are actively engaged in environmental awareness and support environmental initiatives, charities and competitions. Now, together with the support of Cyber Legacy, we are all changing the fashion industry to become sustainable!” said Olga Skazkina, creator of the Ecoolska brand, commenting on the cooperation with CL.

As part of the cooperation between Cyber Legacy and Ecoolska, there are also plans to release an NFT collection, as well as promotions with prizes for the CL audience and other equally bright events.

Cyber Legacy (CL) is a Russian Esports club founded in 2019. Part of Freedom International Group's ecosystem. The company is represented in Europe and the CIS. Has a strong Fortnite roster that ranks 5th in Europe.

Ecoolska is a socially responsible, sustainable fashion brand, which was founded in April 2021 in Lisbon by Russian designer Olga Skazkina. The brand is currently developing in 3 main areas: eco fashion, upcycling and digital fashion.

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