28 tháng 8, 2022

ArtMasters: Revealing talents with COFFEECELL

On August 28, the COFFEECELL coffee brand became a brand partner at the professional national championship for specialists in the field of backstage and digital art, who implement the largest creative projects under the guidance of leading experts.

ArtMasters is a specialized platform aimed at finding and supporting personnel in the field of creative industries. The participants of the championship are thousands of young professionals of creative industries from all over the country. From 2022, citizens of other countries who speak Russian can take part in the championship.

ArtMasters: Revealing talents with COFFEECELL

ArtMasters is aimed at revealing young talents, which is why the COFFEECELL brand was invited to become a partner of such a large-scale event. And that is why the program of the event is saturated not only with bright awards and victories, but also with the delicious aroma of coffee floating in the air. The first thing the guests saw was the COFFEECELL stand. Almost everyone took a glass of aromatic AROMA G and ARABICA G with them to the hall to enjoy the action and at the same time our coffee drinks.

ArtMasters: Revealing talents with COFFEECELL

"The time of trials inspires cultural figures to create works that pass the test of time and possess minds for a long decade, and maybe even centuries, which I wish to the participants of ArtMasters who reached the final," said Sergey Novikov, head of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for Public Projects.
The meeting was also attended by the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kiriyenko, Deputy head of the Presidential Administration for Public Projects Sergey Novikov, deputy chairman of the ArtMasters organizing committee Alexander Zhuravsky, composer Igor Matvienko, rector of GITIS, Chairman of the Expert Council of the championship Grigory Zaslavsky, Rector of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music Alexander Ryzhinsky, director of the Evgeny Vakhtangov Theater Kirill Krok.

About 17 thousand people showed up for the festival. Among them are more than 300 applications from 24 other countries. 200 masters passed to the final of the intramural stage.
Follow the feed, in a month the ArtMasters final, where the COFFEECELL brand partner will congratulate all the winners!

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