28. Dezember 2021

New Project V and COFFEECELL office opens in Tashkent

December 28, 2021 is a special day in the development history of Project V and COFFEECELL in Uzbekistan. On this day, a new, comfortable and cozy office for Freedom International Group's leading brands was opened in Tashkent.

New Project V and COFFEECELL office opens in Tashkent

The office opening was personally attended by Freedom Group's president, Narek Sirakanyan. He solemnly cut the red ribbon, held a company presentation and hosted a "Career Growth" masterclass, where he shared business secrets, gave clear and structured advice on career advancement and motivated guests for large-scale transformations in business and life.

As part of the opening of the new office, "The Tree of Wishes" New Year's kindness campaign was held, where everyone could feel like a true magician, fulfilling children's dreams.

New Project V and COFFEECELL office opens in Tashkent

Project V also has store-offices located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Almaty, Yerevan and Ho Chi Minh.

Project V is a health products brand being actively developed by the Freedom International Group investment management company. All Project V products are manufactured at a leading production facility, which is in the Top 5 of the French pharmaceutical industry. All products are certified according to strict European quality and safety standards.

COFFEECELL is a dynamically growing brand offering tea, coffee and smartfood with healthy plant supplements to the international market. It has been part of the Freedom International Group ecosystem since 2017. Apart from Russia, the brand’s geography consists of nine countries, including the USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, as well as Bulgaria, Austria and other European countries.

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