July 2, 2021

NRK87. brand presented its new MARS collection

On July, 1 Austrian clothing brand NRK87. presented its new MARS collection in an online format. The broadcast took place on the Instagram channel of the brand owner, president of Freedom International Group Narek Sirakanyan: @narek_sirakanyan, as well as on the brand's Instagram account @ nrk1987.wear and on the NRK1987 Youtube channel. The broadcast recording is available at the link:

NRK87. clothing is minimalism at the intersection of technology, fashion relevance and the principles of sustainable development. High-tech fabrics, built-in GPS and NFC tags, unique color solutions, natural graphics - this is a ready-made positive environment for self-expression of people who care. For those who are finding themselves and are conscious and responsible about our Planet. For those who believe in technology. For those who dream of walking on Mars.

New NRK87.clothing line is based on tech-wear technologies, where the current design, combined with production solutions, allows the brand's products to be used even during the most unstable weather conditions. The jackets can withstand immersion in water and critical temperatures down to -30 ° C. Almost all models use hidden snap magnets instead of heavy zippers and velcro for easy access to pockets. The MARS collection colors - natural, pastel - emphasize the philosophy of ongoing technical progress in an inextricable connection with Nature and the World, Space, Universe.

All items from the new collection are distinguished by a limited edition, corresponding to the slow fashion ideology of the brand. Each item has a mark that the item is one of 30-50 copies produced worldwide.
Followers of NRK87. are millennials living in big cities and having an active lifestyle. Earthlings who follow the progress and fashion and take care of the Planet and their health. Open to new things, trusting technology and feeling connected with space. People who prefer comfort, quality, originality in everything.

Narek Sirakanyan, owner of NRK87., President of Freedom International Group:
With the release of the new MARS collection, we Wish to develop a trend towards “fashion with meaning”. Within the framework of the collection, a lot of issues that are urgent for a modern person are raised: social responsibility, environmental friendliness, care for the environment, conscious consumption. Brand NRK1987. presents an opportunity for a modern person to speak out and be heard through the clothes she or he wears. These things combine utility and latest trends. Comfortable and futuristic fit. Earthly reality and dreams of space. NRK87. clothing - is the path to freedom from false values, the ability to be yourself".

NRK87. is part of the ecosystem of Freedom International Group, an international investment company that has been present on the international market since 2014 and manages assets worth $ 2.5 billion. Freedom Group ecosystem is developing in 17 countries, including the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam and European countries. Investment portfolio includes 48 projects. Designer clothing brand NRK87. is one of the businesses under the direct management of Freedom Group.

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